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But, Where is God?

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Finding Elvis Fiction Novel

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Brat the Pirate

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My Story
Lesie Asbill Prichrd author Findng Elvis

Welcome to my website. I'm Leslie Asbill Prichard aka One Nosey Broad; mother of four amazing, grown children who make me proud to be their mother every single day. I'm also a writer, living the dream through my passion of writing. I enjoy storytelling and creating fun books to entertain and delight my readers. I like to lose myself in a good book and I hope you'll enjoy losing yourself in my stories.

I write a variety of genres which reflects my life. Over the years I've moved from one genre to the next and finally landed where I truly a fiction writer.  From entertaining children's books to legal thrillers to my newest creation, time-travel to Find Elvis, I strive to deliver quality stories that help you escape into a different world for a little while. Reality can be rough sometimes. Finding Elvis is my debut release with more titles to follow.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to review my work. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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Elvis Graceland Jungle Room
Elvis's birthplace Tupelo, MS
Graceland, Elvis's home

Finding Elvis

​A birthday wish, a trip to Graceland, a handsome stranger, and finding herself in 1956 in Elvis’s arms were just a few things that happened to Jackie over the weekend. Oh, and she was twenty-one again instead of sixty. ​


A self-admitted workaholic, retiring and turning sixty has Jackie in turmoil. She’s let life pass her by. She has an empty house, grown kids who don’t need her, and she loves Elvis, who is dead of course. If only she could have a do-over and make better choices the second time around.  


A Prosecco driven wish to save Elvis begins Jackie’s journey to rediscover who she is, find out if she can love again, and force a big decision; one that could erase people if she isn’t careful. As she tries to decide, she re-lives being twenty-one, thirty-one, and forty-one, all with Elvis by her side. She even drags her best friend back to 1966, clad in go-go boots and mid-drifts. In the end, Jackie must choose between staying with Elvis in his world or returning to the life she already built, let Elvis go, and hope she’s given him enough clues to save himself,

Finding Elvis ebook cover 9_11_23.jpg
Elvis Tupelo, MS
Elvis Presley, Tupelo, MS
Elvis Presley where he stood buring his first guitar
Photos original work of Leslie Asbill Prichard
Copyright 2023
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Finding Elvis

Brat the Pirate

But, Where is God

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